National: Philippine higher education system that is equitable and producing locally responsive, innovative, and globally competitive graduates and lifelong learners.

Regional Office XI: A Regional Office that leads with innovative solutions toward the welfare of the stakeholders and the operational sustainability, resiliency and competitiveness of higher education institutions.



National: To promote equitable access and ensure quality and relevance of higher education institutions and their programs.

Regional Office XI: As an innovative solution-driven Regional Office, commits to: foster inclusive innovation; promote local and global excellence and competitiveness; develop and implement accessible, equitable, relevant and responsive programs and services; engage in strategic alliances; and strengthen transparency and good governance.



  1. Competence
  2. Holistic
  3. Enabling
  4. Diligence
  5. Resilience
  6. Objectivity
  7. eXcellence
  8. Integrity



We, the Officials and Employees of the Commission on Higher Education in Region XI, Davao City, adhering to the agency’s core values of fairness, integrity, teamwork, commitment, and competence are firm in its resolve to ensure the attainment of empowered and globally competitive Filipinos through quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, access and equity and efficiency and effectiveness. In living with these ideals, we firmly pledge to perform our duties and functions faithfully, ever mindful that the culture of excellence in all aspects of national life cannot be attained without people as individuals working at it with great effort, commitment and sacrifice and that “PUBLIC OFFICE IS A PUBLIC TRUST”, thus, we commit to:

A. guide and assist Higher Education Institutions to ensure compliance on the policies and standards set forth by the Commission;

B. conduct regular monitoring of Higher Education Institutions in the region;

C. take immediate developmental action on non-compliant institutions;

D. guide and assist Higher Education Institutions in institutionalizing their four-fold functions such as instruction, research, extension and production;

E. maintain strategic alliance with our stakeholders;

F. ensure timely response on communications, queries and requests;

G. ensure the effective and efficient implementation and management of the Commission’s various scholarships, grants-in-aid and loan programs; and

H. strive to continually innovate our operations, systems and procedures, and enrich our personnel capabilities for the satisfaction of our clients.


“We find solutions.”