To commemorate its 29th Founding Anniversary and the 3rd National Higher Education Week, CHED RO XI opted to promote and cascade the Philippine Credit Transfer System (PCTS) to as many stakeholders and to address some concerns of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Region that support their development and define their role in the implementation of some of the government’s thrust.  As such, the celebration for this year which were conducted on May 19, 2023 includes the Consultative Meeting for the Proposed Guidelines on the Mandatory Drug Testing for Criminology and Forensic Science students of HEIs in Davao Region which supports Executive Order No. 66 series of 2018 also known as “Institutionalizing the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drugs Strategy”.  The activity was attended by Deans and Program Heads of the 26 HEIs offering Criminal Justice Education.  It was the first time that majority of the participants knew of the details on Philippine Credit Transfer System which is applicable in the security services TVET equivalency pathway under the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Security Management program of the Criminal Justice Education discipline.

Simultaneously, another activity which is the Consultation on the Completion of the Online Self-Evaluation Form and Submission of Supporting Documents, and Preparation of Tuition and Other School Fees (TOSF) was conducted to guide HEIs with intent to increase tuition and other fees. The activity was attended by 92 Finance Officers / TOSF Coordinators and representatives of 43 HEIs in Davao Region.

Part II of the celebration is the conduct of CHED RO XI Service Caravan for Davao del Sur stakeholders wherein the Office bring some of its services directly to its clienteles. In all these activities the promotion and advocacy for the Philippine Credit and Transfer Systems are integrated.