Recognizing its role in the 2023-2028 CHED Strategic Plan, the Regional Council of Deans of Business Education and Governance XI (RCDBEG XI) during the General Assembly presented its plan of action on how it could take part in the operationalization of some goals and objectives of the Plan.
The RCDBEG XI General Assembly Meeting attended by almost 60 participants and 38 HEIs, was conducted in Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc., Davao City, on November 9, 2023.

The Council intends to focus on developing instructional materials, training needs analysis, and development of business faculty, research, and extension. Committees for Research, Instruction, Extension and Internalization were also created and organized to undertake the programs and activities identified by the Council.

During the General Assembly, CHED ROXI Supervising Education Program Specialist Dr. Christopher Pio O. Pulido updated the participants on new CHED Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSGs) that affect the implementation of Business and Management programs and upcoming CHED-initiated programs and projects. Business research paper presentations of selected faculty members were also carried out.

RCDBEG XI was organized by CHED ROXI in 2011 to assist the Commission in advancing the development of HEIs’ Business/Management Division or Department through compliance with the minimum requirements, and coming up with programs and activities that would enable the collaboration and synergy of big and small HEIs offering business programs.